Ministry Reg. # 4707240

Like many Canadians you may face one or more of the following challenges:

  • problems making the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards
  • receiving collection calls from creditors
  • sued by creditors
  • your wages are being garnished
  • you have substantial student loans

Our goal is to assist our clients find the optimal debt relief option for their particular circumstances. We offer a number of services which enable our clients to achieve debt relief. Becoming a client of CDPC is the first step towards eliminating your debt.

We have received very positive feedback from clients in terms of their satisfaction with our services.

Eliminating debt by taking advantage of federal law


Over the past 12 years we have found that many of our clients have been able to obtain the best result from taking advantage of debt relief options available under federal law. One of these options results in not only the elimination of a significant percentage of your existing indebtedness in some cases as much as eighty percent–but also the end of interest payments.

Since 2004 CDPC has represented 15,000 clients seeking to eliminate their debt using this debt relief option. In 2015 CDPC represented more Canadians seeking to eliminate their debt by taking advantage of federal law than any other firm! We are not only very familiar with this process but our firm makes every effort to assist our clients obtain the best possible result.